Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saying "Girls" vs. "Ladies"

So we were talking on Thursday about how it isn't appropriate to call women, girls.  And I have been dealing with this at my job for years.  I work at T's restaurant in East Greenwich as the greeter and hostess since they opened in 2008.  Since I've been there for so long I've seen both sides of the story:

On one hand there are the older women who get really offended if I call them "girls".  And I've been told off once by a woman who got really angry about it because she thought I was being totally disrespectful all because I didn't call her a lady.

But then on the other hand, there are so many more women who are so flattered to hear me call them girls.  It literally makes their entire day, because they feel get to feel young again and they get this huge smile on their face.

So I totally understand the whole concept of saying "ladies" instead of "girls", but it really does depend on who is walking through my door.  But I can usually tell at this point who is the type of person who would get annoyed by me calling them a girl and I can usually catch myself before it slips out.

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  1. The whole situation is funny because this is done daily. I work with Special Olympics of Rhode Island and the age of athletes that I work with range from 16-60 and no matter they are we always refer to them as kids. Now it's not the same situation but it is similar.