Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Racism - why is your skin so dirty?

So I was skyping with my best friend, Gerianne, who is Haitian, from high school the other night and it reminded me of our conversations of racism and my article.  My group kind of talked about how white women just don't understand black women, the article by Smith says, "It's not white women's fault that they have been raised, for the most part, not knowing how to talk to Black women, not knowing how to look us in the eye and laugh with us."  (page 26)  Anyways, to get to the point about talking with my my friend, growing up we lived in East Greenwich, a predominantly white community, and I think she was the only black kid in our graduating class.  But we were best friends from the time I moved to East Greenwich, and her dad was my neurologist when I was diagnosed in 2008, so she is more of a sister, and her family is like another family to me.

When she was younger she had a girl come to her at elementary school or whatever and ask:
"Why is your skin so dirty?"

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  1. this took me back to my childhood when i used to live in Virginia and same here I had a white best friend to and we did everything together, her family and my family became crazily close. Her mom was literally my mom. She and I started being friends at a very young age so young that i remember we took bubble baths together lol. She was always there for me, even when a group of kids picking on me because i was having reading in the 2nd grade she stood by me and had my back.