Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am a Princess

I Am A Princess:
Disney's Press release on the "new image of princesses"

I think this is such a great start in changing how little girls view princesses, the whole "damsel in distress, prince charming needs to come save me" thing.  But it's interesting I found the video on YouTube and I was expecting there to be a lot of support for the video and there was a bunch of comments saying how people liked the new image of princesses, and yet there were still some that were saying that we weren't doing enough for the boys.  I have no problem if a guy wants to be a Princess, I say go for it.  But I think that idea is a little extreme for Disney, especially for a commercial.  It's baby steps.  I am so excited about this Press Release!!!  It makes me want to be a Princess again!!!


  1. Hi Noelle,
    I totally agree with you that its a great way for children to see themselves differently rather than 'Princess'. Some kids look up to Princesses and want to be one, but they don't know that life is not always easy, and the prince doesn't save you in the end. :) Great post, I love the new Disney video.

  2. Agree love the new Disney video, it gave me chills when we watched it in class! It also reminded me of the mirror Dr. Bogad made for her friend,It was really powerful,I think this is what we need to teach young girls !