Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Feminists & Their Hair Continued...

So I had written a random post about women and how much their hair means to them back in October and this weekend I saw this video and it really did make me so proud.

I think it is so great that they were willing to do this for their coach and to raise money for leukemia research!!

On a side note a little girl, about 9 came into T's (the restaurant I work at) wearing a cancer scarf on Saturday with her mom and her sister, and I have no problem telling my story to people.  So I went up to the table and asked her where she got her beautiful scarf and at first her mom was really taken aback and wasn't sure what to make of the situation but the little girl was explained that she had Leukemia and I could find them online if I googled BeauBeau.  I then explained to her and her family that I had a bunch of them at home but none of them were pink like the one she was wearing and it was my favorite color and I was super jealous!!  The little girl must have gone on for about twenty minutes after that about how her grandmother had learned to take apart the scarf and had made a sewing pattern and designed scarves just for her!!  In the end I told her that I was going to look online that night and find a pink scarf and buy it so that we could be twins!!!  I think that made her day.

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