Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election: Talking Point #10

So I voted this year for the second time!!!  But the same thing happened this year that happened last time.  I voted with my mom and before we go to vote we make me a little "cheat sheet" because I can't remember anybody's names... short term memory loss sucks.  But after I voted, I was telling her who I voted for and everything, and she said, "It didn't matter this year because you were voting for all democrats anyways, but try to remember for next year not to put that your a democrat at the beginning."  Because apparently if you do that it automatically put a vote for all the democrats.

I watched the polls unfold along with my mom, stepdad, boyfriend, Matthew, and his brother, Andrew.  Honestly, I was slightly irked with Matt and Andrew for not using their right to vote. I didn't care who they voted for, even though I would have preferred it be Obama, as long as he voted but they were adamant about not voting.

I was very happy about Sheldon Whitehouse being elected.  During his re-election speech he spoke a lot about the families he had met through the new health care act.  One family in particular importance to me being the Burns, who's son Finn, would have benefitted greatly from the health care act.

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