Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sheldon Whitehouse (Talking Point 3)

So I know this video isn't about a presidential candidate but I wanted to post it anyways.  Finnegan Aiden Burns was only 5 years old when he passed away.  He was the son of Kerry Burns who is in this video, they had the room across from mine at Hasbro Children's Hospital back in 2008.  We had the same pediatrician and I like to say that I adopted them as my "other family".  They lost their son after battling cystic fibrosis for over 14 months, they shouldn't have had to then sell all their belongings on ebay to make ends meats.

Health care in the Untied States in a huge topic in the presidential election this year.  I am triple covered by Blue Cross, United Health, and Neighborhood Health, and I am still paying co-pays for medications that I need on a daily basis.  It's crazy.  Sheldon Whitehouse, along with President Obama, believes in fighting for our health care, because we need it.

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